Gene ID PATRIC: VBIStrCoe124346_1167      RefSeq: SCO1169     
Protein ID RefSeq: NP_625460.1      UnitProt: Q9L0B8    23 IDs are mapped  
reverse strand
Annotation Locus Tag Start End NT Length AA Length Product
PATRIC VBIStrCoe124346_1167 1230329 1231492 1164 387 Xylose isomerase (EC
RefSeq SCO1169 1230329 1231492 1164 387 xylose isomerase

Functional Properties

GO Assignments GO:0009045 xylose isomerase activity
EC Assignments EC: Xylose isomerase
FIGfam Assignments FIG00019456
Pathway Assignments KEGG:00040 Pentose and glucuronate interconversions
KEGG:00051 Fructose and mannose metabolism
StructureNot supported by SSGCID/CSGID
Protein Interactions Host-pathogen interactions:      All interactions:

Special Properties

Evidence Property Source Source ID Organism PubMed Subject Coverage Query Coverage Identity E-value
BLASTP Drug Target Streptomyces rubiginosus   99 100 92 0.0